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Zenon Movie Had Some Accurate Predictions

In the year 1999 there was a popular movie called “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.” The plot was about a 13-year-old girl who was normal in every way, except for the fact that she lived in the year 2049, and in outer space. Zenon Movie. The movie starred Kirsten Storms and Raven-Simone. The movie had many futuristic endeavors that we can actually see in our current world today. Even though the movie is based 35 years from now, many technologies from the movie, is now something that you see in real life.

The show portrayed Zenon talking face-to-face with someone through video chat, and we currently can do that through apps, as well as Skype. Holograms were also shown in the movie, and after seeing the Tupac Shakur hologram perform, it’s obvious that holograms can be created very lifelike today. Both girls from the movie like to wear tight leggings, which is actually something that many girls, and women today, like to wear.

In the movie there were performances in outer space, and according to an article on My Brain Fit Life, Lady Gaga has confirmed that she would be the first person to perform in outer space, but so far it’s been delayed, due to safety concerns. Another memory from the movie with the fact that teenagers had weird ways of talking, which is seen commonly now. Teenagers have made up their own lingo, and text messages are all the proof we need of that.

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