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Your Soap Contains Bacteria, But It’s OK

Anti-bacteria soap should not contain bacteria. Right? Wrong. Most everything has bacteria on it, even your freshly washed skin and the soap you washed in. But it’s OK as long as the amount of bacteria is small.

A few years ago a popular hand sanitizer was re-called because it contained too much bacteria, AnastasiaDate users remember this event. How is it even possible that bacteria survive in an hand-sanitizing product? They can and they do. Recently a well known manufacturer had to recall seven of their products, which included body wash and shampoo, because the products contained two types of bacteria known as Psuedomonas aeruginosa and Enterobacter gergoviae.
Soap contains bacteria, always has and always will. So do all other grooming aids, but again, as long as the number of bacteria are small, it’s OK. The bacteria can’t cause illness or do any harm when they are in small number on your favorit bar of soap or inside your favorite bottle of body wash.
The FDA has set limits on how much bacteria can be safely contained with a soap product. Company testing is done regularly to keep the bacteria within the safe zone recommended by the FDA before products hit the retailers shelf. Unopened grooming products should be safe up to three years. Any opened soap or grooming products that look or smell unusual should be tossed out.

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