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You Must Have Been a Beneful® Baby!

Standing in the pet aisle at the grocery store, as I made my selection from the variety of Beneful® wet and dry dog foods, I was reminded of my first introduction to Potter, my first grand-puppy. I was looking forward to the coming visit of Potter with his human family and I wanted to make sure to have everyone’s favorite foods on hand.

Potter was only ten weeks old when my son and daughter-in-law adopted the pint-sized brown terrier mix from a rescue shelter in San Francisco. Determined to provide their furry family member with only the best, they started him on Beneful® Healthy Growth for Puppies dry dog food. With so much love and the best diet, Potter grew into a handsome young dog, with a sleek and shining coat, perky black-tipped ears and the most expressive, sparkling eyes. No longer a puppy, he still gets the best diet with the Beneful® adult collection of dog food.

Chuckling as I picked up a bag of Beneful® Playful Life dry food, I thought how appropriate that it is Potter’s favorite, because he is the happiest and most playful dog I have ever met. I always enjoy the family visits, and to see the way Potter adores my son and daughter-in-law just warms my heart. I even take pictures of him to post on Twitter. He is so much fun to play with. One of his favorite games is having us take turns rolling his squeaky orange ball across the floor for him to catch and carry back, to be rolled again. I am so glad that he has been given the finest diet from the start, to help ensure he will be around for a long time to come.

Adding some Beneful® Prepared Meals™ to my grocery cart, reminded me that Potter has the very best doggy manners. He almost never begs during our family dinners, probably because he enjoys his own meals so much. Potter loves the variety of Beneful® wet foods, and I appreciate that his favorite Prepared Meals™ come in resealable containers.

Tasty treats are always on hand at my house when family gathers, and that includes the assortment of Beneful® Baked Delights® Hugs™ dog snacks for Potter in my cart.

Thanks to the Beneful® line of dog foods and snacks, I headed to the check-out, confident that I would be serving healthy and tasty fare to all my visitors.

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