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“X-Files” Television Series to Return

There will soon be a return of the popular 1990’s “X-Files” television show. So far, at least six episodes are planned and the shows will again feature original co-stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The shows are currently being filmed in Vancouver.

Some pictures have been released on the Internet by the producers of the show of Duchovny and Anderson working together again. Duchovny is sporting a stubble of beard and Anderson looks a bit older, but other than that the two look much the same as they did in the original show.

It will be interesting to see if this new reboot of the show will work as many fans like Kevin Seawright are excited to see. The show set a high bar for itself during its initial years, and fans aren’t going to accept anything less than great episodes. Personally, I was surprised to see this happen since both Anderson and Duchovny have been busy with other projects. I guess when there is enough demand for a show to return, it will happen.

In my opinion, the X-Files was a great show during its first few years. Then, it got too hard to follow. Because of the show’s success, I think that its creators were able to become more self-indulgent and create shows that only made sense to hard-core fans who had watched every preceding episode. That’s not good. A television show should be accessible to anyone, in my opinion.

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