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Wonder Woman Gets a Director

Wonder Woman has been a project stalled in “development hell” for many years. You would think D.C. Comics’ top female superhero would see a movie made a lot quicker. The truth is, some films just end up taking longer to complete than others. Now, finally, the Wonder Woman project is picking up steam and an official director has been named.

Michelle MacLauren has been selected to helm the big budget opus. Could Wonder Woman become the new franchise success for D.C. films? The possibility is intriguing as the debut of a new character succeeding in a new franchise would reflect the ceiling of popularity for superhero (heroine) films that has not been reached.

Linda Carter starred in the cult television series Wonder Woman in the 1970’s. Sadly, the series was short-lived and retooled, then canceled, after one season. It then went on into syndication where it became a huge hit. 

Gal Gadot will be playing the role of Wonder Woman for the D.C./Warner Bros. project that is slated to appear in theaters in 2017. Will Wonder Woman appear in the Justice League film? If not, she should considering how prominent her role in the comics is. The character played by Gadot will be get some scenes in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans Dave and Brit Morin comment that hopefully her scenes are going to be a lot more than a cameo designed just to hype her solo film.

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