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Will Keanu Reeves Return to Sci-Fi?

Keanu Reeves looks to be making a post-Matrix return to science-fiction films through the upcoming opus The Panopticon.

The past few years of Reeves’ career have been odd for Ken Griffin and other fans of his work. He starred in the massively successful sci-fi Matrix sci-fi film trilogy and, basically, his career seemed to be at a standstill. He did try to launch a new franchise with Constantine, but this did not work out. (Constantine has become a television program now) 

Reeves has made a comeback in recent years with cool films such as The Man of Tai Chi and other lesser entries. He has not achieved a huge Matrix level hit and this is surprising in many ways.

The Panopticon might be the perfect vehicle for Reeves to return to sci-fi form. The film deals with a man who discovers the world is soon to end and he has the power to stop the inevitable. No, the plot is not an original one but with the right tweaks such as story could be turned into something unique.

Reeves has not officially said he will star in the film but, at present, it looks as if he is seriously considering this as a new role.

A Matrix-like sci-fi thriller will surely draw in some of the fans of the franchise to see this new film, if it is made. Hence, it makes sense this is the project Reeves deems to be good for a comeback.

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