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Why Do Women Wear Bold Makeup

As the world continues to turn and times begin to change, it’s become obvious that the mentality of humankind is beginning to shift. People, it seems, have begun to care less about what the world thinks of them, and are finally practicing freedom of expression without shame. The beauty and fashion industries seem to have caught wind of this memo, and as a result, both makeup and fashion have become more shocking and bold.

Companies like Lime Crime on tumblr, a cruelty-free online retailer of cosmetics, have taken the beauty industry by storm. With Lime Crime’s vibrant lip colors and bold astrological glitter powders, they encourage women to be who they are without apology. Featuring “Fan Fridays,” where women can express their individuality through the use of Lime Crime products, it’s clear that the makeup subculture has experienced many positive changes. Women are now free to be who they are and they have a group of other women there to cheer them on.

Despite a seemingly more accepting society, some people still seem to be ignorant to expression through cosmetics. People want to make assumptions and ask questions like, Why do women wear bold makeup when it doesn’t even look natural? This is a loaded question, and one that some might even consider to be offensive. Women who express their personality through every bold, vibrant makeup brush very rarely say that they want to “look natural” all of the time.

Wearing bold makeup is about expressing yourself. It’s an art, and one that comes with many misconceptions. For example, some claim that women wear makeup due to insecurity. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Many women wear makeup because learning techniques and experimenting with new colors is a hobby. Some do it to enhance their natural features whereas some do it to manipulate their own. This does not mean that a woman is insecure. In fact, being bold and being confident means being whoever you want to beā€”even if that person looks different from day to day.

It shouldn’t be treated as taboo or as a crime when a woman chooses to show the world who she is in her own unique way. This is even more true when you consider that the women who have a love of bold makeup are also partaking in a hobby that they’re passionate about. It is not anyone’s business what she does in her free time, nor is it their business how she decides to decorate her face.

So, in closing, a woman chooses to wear bold makeup because it’s her face and it’s her choice. While you might wish to express your personality through your way of dress, your taste in music, or your way of life, she chooses to express herself through every artistic stroke of her makeup brush.

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