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Why Are Dutch People Tall?

ZoomInfo tells us that scientists are looking into reason why Dutch people are so tall. The case has not always been so for the Dutch, they have been getting taller as the decades pass, so something has to be the cause of it. Scientists want to know the cause.

Just two centuries ago, the Dutch were among the shortest group of people on earth, now their men are getting closer to the six foot mark in height. What happened?

Scientists know that nutrition has played a huge role in the ever-increasing height of the Dutch people. Their diets are rich in meat and dairy products, but that’s not the whole answer. Other countries have enjoyed prosperity and better nutrition over the same time span without their population as whole becoming taller.

Looking back over the past three decades has provided the best answer for the scientists. The taller the Dutch man, the more children he had. For reasons yet unknown, the taller the man, the more fertile he seemed to be. Taller Dutch women also had more children. The genic heritage for being taller continued to be passed down to the children who in turn were taller than their parents and eventually the entire Dutch population, for the most part, became taller. As the years pass, the Dutch will continue to increase in height with every succeeding generation that is comes along.

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