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White Shark Media: How to Improve and Customize Keywords on Your Websites


One of the most important elements in coming up with an SEO strategy are the keywords. They are used to target a particular audience, classify one’s business, and outline the contents of the website being set up. SEOs use keywords to acquire higher slots in the SERPs. This approach has changed over the years, but it still delivers the final results to users. Despite the changes, some old tactics are still used in various websites mainly Meta descriptions and titles. The wording of the titles using keywords on the site was a trick used by many search engines rank websites. This idea, however, made it difficult to find the exact thing they wanted. Below are some recommendations to optimize your site:


  • The keyword should be listed on the page title since it helps elaborate what your web page is advertising


  • It should appear on the main headline to help users find a matching topic


  • Include a Meta description to boost your rankings


  • Keywords should be repeated 2 to 3 times on the content page


  • These keywords should also be used on the images


  • Avoid extreme repetition


Procedure of targeting SEO keywords


Ensure you research the keywords correctly. Your research should involve finding all the primary words relevant to you. Tools that are instrumental in helping you with these keywords include WordStream and Ubersuggest. Grouping the words into categories depending on what you intend to do with them is another crucial step. Since each webpage will serve a different purpose, it is important to ensure that the groups selected are matching the goal. Creating headlines and titles from keywords is paramount. It mainly involves highlighting the intent with the keywords and using it to make a headline. The inclusion of geo-targeting words to improve your rankings is a magnificent idea. Since the search engines understand different word variants, you should use synonyms throughout the content page. It is important to realize that real keywords targeting is all about search queries. This is because search engine results are also centered on the intent of the search query.


About White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a high ranking digital marketing agency that provides marketing solutions for different businesses. This company has assisted thousands of small and medium-sized firms in the U.S. to expand their business using online marketing strategies. White Shark Media prides itself to be a Premier Partner program that only works with selected agencies. Additionally, this company has been able to meet Google’s training and stringent eligibility criteria. Gary Garth is the boss of White Shark.



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