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What the movie The Interview has taught us

The movie The Interview, a comedy based on killing the leader of North Korea, has created quite the stir on many of fronts, even questioning the fate of our basic first amendment right. The decision by Sony to not release it into theaters I assume was not made lightly; they weighed their risk versus reward and decided to err on the side of caution. Even though I don’t agree with Sony, I do understand how they came to this point. If you did have your heart set on seeing The Interview you can do so online at many streaming sites such as

There is also the interesting element of distribution regarding the online availability of the film. Bernardo Chua is going to see it at some time. As of Jan. 6, The Interview has earned more than $31 million dollars and has been downloaded or rented 4.3 million times while it has earned only 5 million dollars in limited theaters according to a Sony press release.

Ted Sarandos of Netflix was quoted saying “it’s been a great example of what can happen with a big budget movie if you give people distribution choices”.

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