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What NBC Late Series Cancellation Might Mean for Network and Series

On Monday, June 22, NBC announced that it has decided to cancel Hannibal — the critically acclaimed series based on the works of Thomas Harris that is currently airing its third season on Thursday nights. Although the series is popular internationally, the cancellation is the result of it doing poorly yet again with domestic ratings.

What does this cancellation mean for NBC?

Since NBC does not own Hannibal, the impact of losing it is less than it would be for a network that had invested a lot of money into it. NBC has plenty of shows that can fill the gap that will also appeal more to the types of viewers who prefer the network. Sam Tabar says that one of the biggest flaws with having Hannibal on NBC has always been the fact that the show’s viewer demographics and the majority of the network’s do not match up well enough.

What does this cancellation mean for the series?

Although some experts have concerns that NBC’s decision might have also been about the recent news that Bryan Fuller signed on to work on American Gods for Starz, many believe that the show will be picked up by Netflix or a cable network like HBO. Although Hannibal’s domestic air-date ratings have always been low, DVR and streaming ones have been a lot higher and it does extremely well internationally.

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