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Wessex Institute of Technology has an open access E-Library

The Wessex Institute of Technology, also known as, WIT, is highly esteemed and well known investigative research and educational group, for acquiring advanced learning. They’re located in Ashurst Lodge, which is in the South of England.


Their stated goal, is to generate a series of information broadcasting methods, for exchanging information between business professionals and academics.


In 1986, Professor Carlos Brebbia, created the group. Their interests are placed on Research, Publishing and Conferences.


They’re the beneficiary of the George Green Medal, because of a shared endeavor between University of Mississippi, In America and Wessex Institute of Technology.


Wessex Institute of Technology, is exceedingly admired, for their range of publications and conferences, which have gained them attention from several Universities, all over the world.


Their online, open access, WIT library, displays over 30,000, peer reviewed papers, that range from the years 1993 to 2016.  Click on for more info.

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