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We’re Getting a Fifth Transformers Film!

Originally debuting in the 1980’s as a toy line, the Transformers created a sensation. Toy stores just could not keep enough of them in stock. When the toy line was tapped as the source material for a television cartoon series, few were surprised at its success. What has surprised many, like Igor Cornelsen for example, is the fact the Transformers motion pictures have been so hugely popular. After four major hits, a fifth film is planned. Star Mark Wahlberg has revealed some positive news for those who love the films. He is signed on for several more sequels.

That means there will be more and more Transformers projects to come down the cinema pike.

Since the fourth film drew in $1 billion in worldwide box office, its not exactly a surprise a fifth entry has been planned. Wahlberg even suggests that the fifth film could be rushed into production soon.

Hopefully, the studio won’t rush things too quickly. While the Transformers movies are hardly works of art, they do deliver what their fans want. Rushing to jam a new film into theaters almost always leads to disappointment. Then again, the script for the future films may have already been written in anticipation of the success of entry number four.

Is it possible there might be a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover like there was in the comic books? No plans exist for such a film right now, but you never know what the future in Hollywood holds.

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