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Wengie’s Life Encourages Less Fortunate People

Wengie the YouTube sensation has done a Draw My Life vlog. In this vlog she talks about her life from where she was born to what she is doing today. She also discusses how the things she has experienced in her life, even though not all positive, have influenced her to become who she is today.


Wengie was born in China on January 9, 1986. Her father left China and moved to Melbourne Australia to make a better life for his family. He made $7 a week washing dishes and he would eat the leftover food because he didn’t earn enough money to eat. He eventually earned enough money to send for her mother and both of them worked extremely hard. Her mother worked night shifts cleaning to make ends meet. During this time Wengie stayed with her grandparents in China.


At the age of four, her parents had Wengie flown to Australia to be with them. When she arrived she cried because she didn’t recognize them and didn’t want to leave her grandfather. She had been away from them so long she didn’t really know them anymore.

Wengie continued to watch her parents work hard to get what they wanted. Because they didn’t have a lot of money most of the things they had were second hand. She said that she would make a lot of her toys herself. She made dolls out of tennis balls and made their clothes. By having to use her imagination it really helped bring out her creative side.


Later on both her parents were able to get better paying jobs in Sydney and were able to pay off their debt and buy a nice home. She said by watching her parents and growing up without much money, it showed her that it doesn’t matter how you grow up, you can make a life for yourself with dedication and hard work. So this influenced her and gave her confidence that she could do the same. She advises everyone not to be discouraged by how you grew up. Just embrace it and use it to your advantage to accomplish your dreams.

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