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Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Some people are easy to read. Others are not. What if the clothing you wore turned colors to match the emotions you were feeling?

A designer in London, Laura Bowker, is creating a sort of “mood dress.” It is similar to the mood rings that were popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The dress reads the wearer’s mood. If they are happy, the dress will be blue or green. If they are mad, it will be red. You can read more about this dress at the BBC.
Imagine dating someone who wears mood clothes. They could not fake being disappointed or mad, because the color of their clothes would give them away. It might make dating simpler. You wouldn’t have to guess if you are making a good impression on your date. Their clothes would tell it all, and fashion entrepreneurs like Brad Reifler can’t wait to get their hands on them.

The only place mood clothes might be helpful is in a therapist’s office. Clients would be unable to put up their defenses. The therapist would be able to access emotions the client otherwise didn’t share.


Meredith Tatum says:

I am not sure I want people to be able to read my mind. If you are a private person you may decide to pass on this designer dress. This is a fashion statement that is only meant to be worn by someone who is bold. This is easiest route in which has taken to advance their career and it is compulsory they must have it with them.

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