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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Evolve Over The Years

Jennifer Lawrence has been around for over 5 years, but it was just about 5 years ago when she was really put on the map. Although her biggest roles to date are “The Hunger Games” Movies, she is also well known for being in the X-Men movies, and she played the character Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence Pictures. Jennifer Lawrence is down to earth, and many love her free spirit. Jennifer is even very good friends with Taylor Swift, and that friendship took some time to blossom.

Those who really want to see how Jennifer Lawrence has blossomed over the years since we’ve gotten to know her, they can visit MTV News and check out the pictures available. Jennifer Lawrence is doing big things these days, and no doubt, her bank book is exploding from the money she made from The Hunger Games. Every time a Hunger Games movie has been released, the response has been huge, and the amount of money it brings in is even bigger.

It’s unknown how much money Jennifer has collected from all of her movies, but no doubt, if she wasn’t a millionaire before, she definitely is now says Eric Pulier (See: Jennifer is different than Kristen Stewart, who also rose to fame because of the “Twilight” movies. Although the Hunger Games, and Twilight is marketed to the same audience, which is teenagers, Jennifer seems to be more liked by people than Kristen Stewart. Also, Jennifer is a much better actress than Kristen too.

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