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Warner Brothers Developing Six Separate Wonder Woman Scripts

As Wonder Woman is finally set to make her big screen debut in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, DC Comics and Warner Brothers have started work on a solo film starring the Amazonian princess.

Warner Brothers is taking an interesting approach in developing the Wonder Woman script as they have hired six screenwriters to write six separate scripts. Warner Brothers will then choose the best of the six scripts to use for the production.

It was recently reported that Jason Fuchs, screenwriter of Pan, was working on the Wonder Woman script; however, screenwriter Arash Amel tweeted that he was working on a script as well. Amel, who wrote Grace of Monaco and Erased, revealed the news of the six screenwriters this week through a tweet.

Additionally, Amel expressed concern about the process calling it “wrong on so many levels” in a separate tweet. Devin Faraci of Badass Digest also tweeted that it appears Amel and the other writers will likely see some of their work on the big screen, which impresses Susan McGalla. Faraci said Warner Brothers plans to merge all six scripts into the final product.

Warner Brothers has taken a similar approach to developing the Aquaman movie by hiring two screenwriters and will select the better of the two. also pointed out that Amel’s tweets might lack validity as he provided little details and cited only “a source.”

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