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Unemployment Leads To Weight Gain

The loss of a job can have a negative effect on the psyche. People usually feel down in the dumps and may eventually feel depressed. A recent study revealed that unemployed individuals tend to gain more weight after they leave the workforce. Stress eating with plenty of free time are major contributors to weight gain. There are a myriad of health problems directly related to bad diets and being overweight. Those whom are unemployed often do not have medical insurance coverage and are thus unlikely to get regular physicals or seek medical assistance when ill. The economy has created a difficult job market notes investment analyst, Jared Haftel with many industries suffering losses more than others. The end result can be mental health issues. There are long term effects on the mind and body from unemployment that are currently being studied. Whenever a recession strikes there are inevitably negative results to those effected. Lack of a steady flow of income forces families to skip medical care and often purchase inexpensive and unhealthy.

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