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Ukraine Hoping For Weapons Deal From Biden

Joe Biden arrived in Kiev on Thursday exactly one year the initial democracy riots that took over the country and eventually led to the election of a new pro-western government. The vice president has announced he will be able to offer the Ukrainians a package to defend itself against aggression from the east. But this package will not include the weapons that they have so desperately been requesting.
Western, Pro-European, Ukrainians have been battling eastern Ukrainians who wish to split off from the country to gain closer relations with Russia. They have held, what were deemed illegitimate, elections and referendums to attempt to break their ties with Ukraine in the same way that Crimea broke away to join Russia near the beginning of the movement. Now, government soldiers are ill-equipped and fighting with eastern Ukrainian soldiers that are being well-supported by Russia over the border. Additionally, observers have witnessed columns of soldiers and artillery pouring over the border from Russia in recent weeks, although Russia denies any interference in the conflict. Dressed in nondescript uniforms, Russian speaking soldiers have been captured and killed fighting to take eastern Ukraine from the west in order to join Russia in the same way as Crimea.
Even though the pro-west Ukrainian government desperately needs support from the west, most notably the United States, the U.S. can’t be seen providing weapons to instigate an internal conflict. This is what Laurene Jobs worries about at least a little bit. Russia will never admit to supplying Eastern Ukraine so that the UN is not able to join the fight.

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