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Two Million Followers Inspire Others on Lime Crime’s Account; Doe Deere Blissfully Adjusts Her Crown


The most effective means to gain business exposure in the twenty-first century is to take to social media. Beauty brands are easily marketed on platforms like Instagram, and followers adore being able to upload their looks in an attempt to inspire others. Lime Crime, for example, is a makeup line that recently exceeded two million followers on IG by taking an original approach to social media.

Nude lips, natural eyes, and humdrum hairdos have no place on Lime Crime’s account. Instead, followers send other fans across the globe pictures of their unique looks for the day. Black velvet lips, hot pink hair, and blinged out, vibrant nails compose the photos on Lime Crime’s page, and followers cannot wait to share, attempt to execute looks, and inspire others each day. As CEO, e,Doe Deer revels in the excitement her followers feel, her compassionate approach to a cut-throat industry certainly continues to bloom.

The mother of three cats was born in Russia where she demonstrated a passion for originality, expression, and music at a young age. Upon moving to the United States, Deere lived in New York. Of course, being surrounded by constant inspiration and edge allowed the princess of pizzazz to not only meet her husband, but to form the fairytale rock band, Sky Salt, with him. Pursuing her original goal of becoming a musician, Deere never skipped a beat when it came to adorning her own face with colorful makeup that she created herself.

Reporting that she was never able to find lively colors in big-name stores, the designer began creating her own. Feeling a sense of compassion for people like her who were also unable to find animated makeup, Deere decided to launch the brand that the public recognizes today: Lime Crime. Her fans quickly became known as unicorns, and they galloped to the counters in order to purchase the products that were never once attainable. Their freedom to express themselves was Deere’s overall goal, and the available platforms to share their creations are certainly an added bonus that benefits both the CEO and followers. By colorizing one face at a time, the unicorn queen has undoubtedly altered the makeup industry for the better.

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