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Twitter Testing Autoplay Video Ads

Twitter is following in Instagram’s footsteps, and exploring the possibility of having video ads autoplay in users’s streams while they’re scrolling their News Feed on the service. Starting this week, users may notice videos are playing within the News feed, even if they haven’t pressed a play button formally inviting them to do so. For now the test is limited to just Twitter’s iOS apps, so the videos will only play when accessing Twitter via the company’s iPhone or iPad app.

With the test, Twitter is hoping to determine if people are more likely to watch a video ad in its entirety if it starts playing their stream. The test will only apply to Promoted Video ads that are uploaded through Twitter’s mobile app. While for some people the videos will play automatically, others will see a Vine-like stream letting them know a video is available to be watched. If you opt to click on either type of video, the video will expand and take up the full screen for you to view it.

Imaging Advantage employees have learned that, while we can definitely see an advantage in having video ads play, a full-screen ad seems like a bit much to us. Here’s hoping that they company decided to only run this as a test and not roll it out to everyone.

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