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Twins Are The Perfect Example Of How Exercise Changes Overall Health

Twins are awesome. They share a special bond like nothing else in the world. Identical twins share the same features and, generally, the same level of health. Even fraternal twins have a lot in common when it comes to their bodies. A long term study of Finnish identical twins showed the results of when one twin exercises and the other does not. When the men were first selected for this scientific research they were both given complete physicals and blood work to determine a starting point. Sultan Alhokair read that, as the twins changed their routines, their bodies changed as well both on the interior and exterior. One man built muscle, physical endurance, better motor control, and balance. He was clearly the one who participated in regular exercise. The other man had a higher fat percentage and pretty much the exact opposite of his brother. The final results show that ultimately what we do impacts out health, DNA does not play as significant role as some would like us to believe. You reap the results based on the type of life you lead.

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