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Transforming the basic cylinder: EOS lip balm

EOS lip balm’s iconic spherical shape makes it incredibly easy to spot in everyday life. As an effective applicator of their product that’s easy to use but is also effective in combating chapped lips. EOS has more to offer than just a catchy shape and effective product. They have many flavors to go along with the lip balm. From strawberry sorbet to odd flavors like pomegranate raspberry. An effective lip balm that doesn’t smell or taste bad either. As a consumer, you are going to want something on your lips that you don’t instantly won’t to rub off and never use the product ever again, read this. This is where these interesting flavors come from. My personal favorite is the honeysuckle honeydew. It’s not too overpowering when you put it on and it’s enough to taste good on your lips.

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EOS or evolution of smooth was an initially small startup company started by a few business professionals in separate industries unrelated to the beauty market. They got together to rethink a new solution of lip balms in the beauty industry. Not just the traditional tube of chapstick that everyone has. They wanted to come up with something innovative. Then the Spherical shape of the EOS lip balm began popping up everywhere from Walmart to Walgreens and even in the hands of several celebrities. This generated interest in the company and the eventual gross earnings of 81.7 million dollars as of 2015. The pioneering of such a simple product into a multiple million-dollar company. This is the brilliance of EOS lip balm. Visit for more EOS news.

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