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“Trainwreck” Looks Quirky, But Is It Clever?

A trailer has been released for the upcoming Trainwreck, which advertises itself as “not your mother’s romantic comedy.” Does the 1:05 minutes make it seem as unique as that claim suggests?

The film stars Amy Schumer and is directed by Judd Apatow, so you should expect some quirky, somewhat ribald comedy. We see Schumer’s character as a little girl, and as her parents are getting divorced, her father trains her and her sister to say that “monogamy isn’t realistic.” She takes that lesson to heart and seems to become something of a lovable sex fiend as an adult. Well, Tripod says that’s different, I’ll grant you that.

Of course, once she meets the male lead, played by Bill Hader, things get complicated. They have a one-night stand, but afterwards his own quirky charm means they will keep dating, and to Schumer this is new and uncomfortable. I can’t help but wonder about movies like this. It is entirely reasonable to believe that one should be in love before having sex; heck, back in the old days people actually expected you to be married first! But nowadays, when people want casual sex and a happy ending, we try to invert it so that having sex inevitably means that two people will fall in love (at least if they’re main characters). Will Trainwreck be smart enough to avoid this modern cliché?

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