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Top Classic Teen Movies


There have been many teen movies throughout the years. However, some just have a special place in our heart.


Can’t Hardly Wait


Can’t Hardly Wait is one of the more popular movies about teens, and it’s about a nerdy high school boy who dreams to be with the popular girl in school. All in one night during a party this movie portrays growing up as a teen in the stereotypical high school scenario.


She’s All That


She’s All That is about the unpopular and clumsy character Laney Boggs who transforms into a beauty. This movie has become a teen favorite giving hope that during high school you can be anything you want if you just believe.


Bring It On


Bring It On is another 90s comedies teen favorite. It brought the lifestyle of cheering onto the big screen. It provides values of courage and determination.It packed a punch and had plenty of comedic moments for any teen to enjoy.


The Breakfast Club


This movie will always be a classic. The Breakfast Club is about a group of stereotypical high school individuals serving detention. The popular girl, jock, geek, punk, and outcast ultimately learn about one another and themselves.


American Pie


American Pie has become a favorite among many teens. It is a comedic movie that revolves around four boys in high school starting to explore and wanting to lose their virginity while finding themselves tangled in typical guy shenanigans.


In conclusion, there are many teen movies but these are some classics still being talked about today by teens.

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