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Tony Geary Leaves Luke Spencer Behind

Anthony Geary is one of the most beloved actors in daytime television history. His role as Luke Spencer on General Hospital was only supposed to last for a few weeks. It turned into a job that would last decades when he became a fan favorite. Although Geary left the show several times, vowing never to return, he could never stay away from the fictional town of Port Charles. Unfortunately for fans, Geary has taped what is likely his truly last scene as Luke.

Geary also played the role of Luke’s look-a-like cousin, Bill Eckert, for a short time. Fans did not like that character and he was killed off in order to make room for Luke’s return. In recent months, Geary pulled off playing a dual role as the evil Luke and the nice Luke. Fans of Handy called him Fluke, but they did not care for the new Luke. It was finally revealed that he went over the edge because of a very dark past that had never been explored on the show before. It not only helped wrap up the character, but showed off Geary’s amazing acting talent as well.

The character of Luke Spencer will remain in the hearts of fans forever, but Tony Geary is comfortably retired from the show and enjoying his home in Amsterdam. He hopes to add new roles to his acting career there that will challenge him without the ghost of Luke Spencer following him. So long, Tony Geary. Fans wish you well on the next chapter of your life.

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