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Todd Levine Has Found That The Most Prepared Attorney Is The One Who Finds Success

Todd Levine is an attorney who studied at the University of Florida, where he received a bachelor’s degree in finance. He also attended the Florida Levin College of Law and finished up his studies there in the early 1990s. Today, he is a founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. and works on many different cases. Most of the cases he handles have to do with complex business disputes, and he has become one of the best attorneys in the world who works on these kinds of cases.

For Todd Levine, no one, single day is just like the other. He can be working in Palm Beach one day and then find himself in Fort Lauderdale the next. He also meets with clients from all over the state of Florida in between serving them in court. Levine does his best to stay productive by squeezing in calls during his downtime while he is traveling and stays on top of his busy schedule through to-do-lists.

World Report and US News reported that Todd Levine won the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation in 2018. Florida Trend Magazine and the South Florida Business Journal have also placed him in the Super Lawyers Business Review for everything he has accomplished over the years. Levine has admitted that it is his own creativity and in-depth knowledge about the law and the cases he takes on that have helped him to be the success he is today. He also always focuses on making his arguments understandable to anyone who is listening to them because human beings are the ones who end up making decisions based on their understanding of all of the facts. See more here.

Todd Levine has suggested that one of the best things a young person can do is to become the best in a narrow field of practice. Once an attorney becomes the go-to person in his field, he will definitely see more clients knocking on his door. Personally, he has found a lot of his success due to his level of preparedness, and he plans on continuing to stay just as focused on his clients’ needs going into the future.

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