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Third Video of Obamacare’s Architect Mocking Stupidity of Voters

This past weekend, video surfaced of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, boasting that passage of the Affordable Care Act relied upon a lack of transparency. He added that voter stupidity was essential to the bill’s passage. Gruber explained that the bill would not have passed had voters been told the truth that healthy people would pay into the health care plan, but the sick people would get money out of it. He also added that hiding the true nature of the plan from voters was critical to the bill’s passage.

Naturally, President Obama, who ran on a platform of transparency, has refused to comment on the revelation. Prof. Gruber later appeared on MSNBC, a network quite favorable to the Obama administration, and stated that he was merely speaking off the top of his head and uttered comments that were inappropriate.

Now, a third video has emerged of Prof. Gruber again affirming that voter stupidity was essential to the law’s passage. Thanks to my friend Sam Tabar for sharing this video with me. Speaking to an audience at Washington University in St. Louis, he explained that the Affordable Care Act passed because voters lacked the intelligence to understand what the bill was actually about.

So who is the political sleuth responsible for blowing the lid on Obamacare’s passage? It is a little known investment advisor by the name of Rich Weinstein. Weinstein was disappointed when the president’s pledge that insurance premiums would decrease by $2,500 a year did not materialize. Instead, his premiums rose by 100%.

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