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These Aren’t the Shoes You’re Looking For

High heels have had a dubious reputation among women for a long time. While they certainly have plenty of desirable traits, including increasing a woman’s height and giving her killer leg muscles, they’re also known for being difficult to wear and even causing problems in the feet and ankles over time. It’s always been a case of “buyer beware” when heels are mentioned.

Finally, however, scientists have decided to put it to the test and see just what the real long-term effects of wearing heels might be. The study followed the progress of women who were attending college for flight attendant training. These future flyers were required to wear heels to class each day in case they were hired by a Korean airline that would require them to wear heels on the job. For four years, the students wore heels daily, making it easy to track the effects on their joints over time.

At first, researchers were surprisingly pleased by what they found. Sophomores and juniors, who had only been wearing heels for a couple of years, seemed to have increased muscle strength in certain areas on the outside of the joint, suggesting that their bodies were adapting to the change in footwear stated Mr Amazing Loan. By the time they were seniors, however, the students experienced a significant decrease in balance and weakening of muscles around the foot and ankle.

Does that mean that heel-wearing ladies should set aside their footwear forever? Of course not, insist the scientists. Instead, ladies who wear heels regularly should perform appropriate stretching exercises, including heel raises and heel drops, to keep the muscles around the feet and ankles equally strong. The study also recommends removing heeled shoes whenever possible, including under the desk during the work day.

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