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The WCS Is the Only Foolproof Solution That Prevents Inmates From Using Cell Phones

Inmates who have access to cell phones pose a major problem. Robert Johnson can attest to this. He was a correctional facility officer, and it seems like he was doing his job pretty well. Too well, perhaps, for the inmates in the prison got mad at him and wanted to take him out. He had just confiscated a package of contraband which the inmates believed was worth fifty thousand dollars. An inmate with a cell phone got in touch with a fellow criminal, who broke into his house at half past five one morning and shot Robert Johnson in the chest from just six feet away six times.


The doctors kept saying that he was going to die. The chaplain told his wife to prepare for the worst. However, he did survive. He went through many operations, though, and he still has the scars from that incident.


The inmates had contracted Sean Echols, a former inmate, to do the hit by using a cell phone and a few thousand dollars on a reloadable card. Johnson had twenty three surgeries, but he is still fighting. He is now on a crusade to stop inmates from being able to access cell phones.


In another story, an inmate caused the death of a baby in Georgia in order to retaliate against the baby’s uncle, who did something the inmate did not like. Using a cell phone, he orchestrated a hit on the baby, who got shot and killed while in its mother’s arms. That story shocked the world. In yet another story, a Facebook Live was broadcasted by an inmate while he was in prison. It showed him brandishing a knife. He was using an illegal cell phone.


Securus Technologies developed the Wireless Containment Solution specifically for this purpose. If those prisons would have had the Wireless Containment Solution installed, then the inmates would not have been able to access the network and none of those stories would have happened.


Robert Johnson, who is now a consultant with Securus Technologies, said that he has seen the Wireless Containment Solution in action. He said that it really does work. He thinks that it is the best solution for preventing inmates from using cell phones. Confiscating cell phones will not take care of the problem entirely, he said.


Robert Johnson went to Washington to convince the FCC to make it easier to block cell phone calls. The Wireless Containment Solution does exactly that, and it fits all the guidelines of the FCC. Robert believes that there is no reason it should not be used. If your state is not using the WCS, call them up and tell them to start using it.


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