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The Venezuela Non-Aligned Movement Summit Was A Bust According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

The 17th meeting of the Non-Align Movement was recently held on Margarita Island in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro invited the 35 nations that attended the last meeting to his poverty-stricken country. Maduro planned to hide the poverty from them, but that didn’t happen. The Non-Aligned Movement is a group of countries that do not align themselves with the United States or Russia. Maduro wanted to host the summit in order to boost his status on the international stage. But when only five nations attended the summit, it was clear that Maduro was in more trouble with the world than he realized, according to the deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González has watched Maduro turn the once prosperous socialist country into a hungry deteriorating mess where inflation is running 800 percent, and people have to cross the border into Colombia to find food they can afford. González is the likeable agriculture entrepreneur that helped the country produce enough corn and grain to feed the people until Maduro started shutting down farm production. González was also the man that tried to get Maduro to change some of his antiquated policies through a national agreement, but Maduro claimed his socialist policies were as good as they were when Hugo Chavez was running the country.

Venezuela is not generating the amount of cash that flowed freely into the national treasury when Chavez was president. Oil prices are down, and oil-rich Venezuela depended on oil to fuel the economy. Maduro blames the United States for the current debacle in his country. But when Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, as well as regional allies from Ecuador, Bolivia, and Cuba, only showed up for the summit, he knew he was facing this self-created internal mess by himself. Maduro spent millions to host the summit while the people are starving and that fact didn’t go unnoticed by the world. González thinks the recent protest rallies will be the catalyst for a recall referendum to remove Maduro from office. But González knows that Maduro is not going to leave without a fight.

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