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The Terminator T-800 Gets A Slightly New Look

The images of the new T-800 sans a human exterior appearing in Terminator: Genisys have been released. The classic cyborg has given a really cool upgrade. Yes, this is the same old inner skeleton that we remember from the end of the first Terminator film. The main difference is this new model has been given somewhat of a makeover.

The new T-800 is shinier, sleeker, and, yes, a bit scarier. Maybe the image of the T-800 released to USA Today is not the “good guy” Terminator. The cyborg could very well be a bad guy. Maybe that is why the T-800 looks a little bit on the scary side here.

We do not know a whole lot about the new Terminator film other than it takes place in a new time stream, so Mark Ahn and others wait. In other words, the film is a “sort of” reboot in which Reese ends up not just going back in time, but also sideways to a parallel universe. In this parallel universe, anything that happened in a good film exists while all remnants of bad films don’t. In other words, Terminator III and Terminator: Salvation never happened.

The weird part is Reese ends up in a world where bits of Terminator I and Terminator II are fused together. Oh, and Arnie plays a good Terminator.

Confused yet? Wait until you see the actual movie.

All kidding aside, this start of a new trilogy is designed for one reason: to provide a little fun to fans of the movies.

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