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The Spring Fashion Forecast is in for 2015

As the holidays steadfastly approach and folks finish up their holiday shopping, the spring fashion forecast for 2015 is already in with many designers showcasing their stuff during New York’s Fashion Week. It’s hard to imagine spring in the air with visions of snow, ice, and rain everywhere, but it really is just around the corner – well, almost. The verdict is in – it’s more than likely going to be a 70s kind of spring.

According to Lizzy Bowring of WGSN, the 70s are exactly where fashion designers will be looking for a subdued spring inspiration. While designers will be looking back in time for inspiration, it’s also forecasted that this look back will include a touch of today’s style and trends keeping things fresh. You can likely expect a slight flare to your pants or capris but nothing drastic. Bowring also goes on to add that the biggest theme likely to hit the catwalks and the streets of the U.S. include sleek jumpsuits and the wide-led pant paired with a stylish tailored jacket.

WGSN’s senior womenswear editor, Jaclyn Jones goes on to forecast that one of the staples of spring for women, the basic white dress shirt, will also take on a transformation. She forecasts that this basic piece of clothing will transform into a must have wardrobe piece with features that may include dramatic side vents and/or cuffs, embellishments, a touch of origami and more.

ones goes on to predict tent dresses (trapeze dresses) and both forecasters believe that fashionistas can expect longer hemlines and waistlines that fall to the natural waist. Also, get ready for the much anticipated trend of culottes (the wide-leg pair of shorts/pants), and a combination of washed out pastels, florals, and a variant of neutrals.



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