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The Significant Support Of George Soros To Democracy In The Community

George Soros became prominent after venturing into the stage of philanthropists with the aim of creating transformation is the society. There are many roles Soros has played through different projects that he has implemented in the community. George Soros has donated to several foundations fighting for the human rights. For instance, he contributed an amount worth $18 billion intended to elevate the programs of the Open Society Foundation. The mission of the organization was to compel the perception of discrimination in the community and create a room for democracy. Soros believed that a balanced society marks the unity among the people. His donation to the Open Society Foundation is one of the huge ever made in the private segment.

Open Society Foundation through the dedication of George Soros has risen to be among the top foundation in the United States. There are various agendas carried out by the organization with the aim of restoring cohesion in the society. Soros as a gifted leader has the potential of putting up all the measures acting as the guidelines in steering goals of organization in the field. Open Society Foundation is dated 30 years way back. The experience of the team driving the operation of the agency has placed it at a vantage point of realizing its dreams. Most of the moves taken by the management of the Open Society Foundation are tactical though they are meant to promote democracy and human rights. There are many accomplishments recorded by the institution ever since its inception.

The spirit of teamwork and the entire leadership within the group has made the services of the Open Society Foundation flow along the right line of expectation. The direction taken by the agency has gained support from many humanitarians’ bodies across the United States. Many places have benefited from the programs of the Open Society Foundation. One of the recent efforts of the agency in assisting the community was the support to the nations which had been threatened by deadly Ebola. The support of the Open Society Foundation boosted the health facilities and their operations in combating Ebola. The other development projects that the organization has taken part in was the Roma art and culture. The idea was to kick-start the progress of development in the community by funding the projects.

George Soros is the primary source of the funds used in driving the processes at Open Society Foundation. He is also the man who gives all the direction to the juniors in the body due to his experience and pragmatic skills. The range of the money funding the organization is between $800 and $900 million yearly. The amount is all set to create democratic environment in the society where everyone enjoys his or her rights. There are other programs of scholarship offered by the Open Society Foundation to the university students through the courtesy of George Soros.

George Soros has played a central role in the mission of Open Society Foundation to create a balanced society defined by the democratic qualities.

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