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The Role of ClassDojo App in Helping Parents to Connect with their Kids’ Schools

ClassDojo has committed $21 million to support a series of ventures that invest in technology that connect tutors to parents as well help them communicate about student’s progress at school. Consistent communication keeps parents informed of how their kids are performing and behaving at school. The co-founders of ClassDojo are Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The capital will be used for the development of content and features that parents can use to engage teachers, not just during the school days, but also during the holidays. The idea is to help parents enhance the learning and development of their children at home and school.

Teachers will use ClassDojo to send videos or photos to parents showing them their kids’ progress. During its launch in 2011, ClassDojo’s founders focused on creating free, easy-to-use platform that would harmonize the relationship between teachers, students, and parents. ClassDojo faces stiff competition from companies such as Kickboard, Remind, and FreshGrade that want to keep parents and teachers connected. Today, over 85,000 schools in the United States are subscribed to ClassDojo’s platform.

For now, ClassDojo focuses on distributing its app to as many teachers and parents as possible. The users of ClassDojo’s app teaches kindergarten all the way to the 8th-grade classes. One thing that ClassDojo will never do is to prioritize revenue over user’s data. ClassDojo knows that most kids are concerned about the privacy of their information. As such, ClassDojo intends to create premium features that will require parents to pay to access their kid’s data. ClassDojo has raised $31 million in venture capital since its launch in 2011. Over time, the San Francisco-based start-up grown from the education tech accelerator to become a part of Y Combinator.

ClassDojo began as a tool that would help students to improve their behavioral traits. Over time, it grew to become a platform where parents, students, and teachers can interact. Hemant Taneja, the Managing Director of ClassDojo, sees its growth as analogous of social networking platforms such as Snapchat and Whatsapp, despite being built for education purpose. Parents can now use the ClassDojo app to pay school fees via their phones.

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