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The return oft eh woolly mammoth draws closer

A team of researchers from McMaster University is racing to be the first to begin the process of reversing the extinction of the woolly mammoth, The Washington Post reports. The woolly mammoth has been extinct for over 10,000 years, but its close relation oft he elephant is thought to be a prime candidate to have its DNA altered to become more like the mammoth. Returning the woolly mammoth to existence is now seen as something of a holy grail for scientists and DNA researchers, which could soon become a reality.

The woolly mammoth research completed following the discovery of a well preserved carcass has moved on quickly with researchers now claiming to have mapped the entire genome of the mammoth. This means the entire DNA sequence of the mammoth has now been revealed and has provided information on how to create a new version and the problems the animal faced during its existence. As the plan to reverse the extinction of the woolly mammoth draws nearer a team of Russian scientists are preparing an area of the Siberian Tundra for the animal to inhabit along with a number of modern animals. Returning the graving woolly mammoth to Siberia is seen as a good way of preserving the permafrost of the region and halting the advance of climate change, at least if you ask Brian Torchin on Digital Journal.

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