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The Recreational Opportunities at Roberto Santiago’s Mall

While malls do tend to have some type of recreational activities available for customers, they tend to be just for kids. In many cases, the adult customers are left just watching their kids run around. Roberto Santiago has decided that one of the ways to make Manaira Shopping mall stand out is to have something for the adults too. Fortunately, there are tons of different types of adults. For instance, they have a lounge that allows people to just hang out and enjoy meals and drinks. Also, Roberto Santiago have plenty of games for the customer to take part in. This goes way beyond the usual arcade that malls have.

One of the recreational activities that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has is bowling. People could take part in bowling tournaments at Gold Strike Bowling. These alleys offer 6 electronic tracks where people can meet and show the skills that they have at this game. They can live the excitement of getting the strike that wins the game. Gold Strike Bowling on is located at the leisure area of Manaira Shopping. One could either play or just relax and enjoy the different games that are in effect.

One thing that this mall has that is very rare for an indoor shopping mall is a fitness gym. This mall fitness facility grants people access to high intensity fitness machines on All it takes to join a membership is to pay a fee of $59.90. This will give people the space needed to get themselves in much better shape.

One major recreational opportunity of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the Space Lounge that is attached to a bowling facility. Customers can not only watch some games, but they can also enjoy some drinks that are offered to them.

Then one has to check out food offerings at the mall. For one thing, there are fast food restaurants like Burger King. However, there are fine dining restaurants that Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall offers for people that are more interested in discovering some more exotic and even healthier foods. Manaira Mall is really good about offering people options for everything they want to try out and enjoy.

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