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The Real Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has become increasingly popular over the years. Although his initial professional acting debut took place in 2000 in a short film, Pratt has climbed his way into hit blockbuster films. All of the hard work and success is followed by fans that not only like watching him on screen but also love him as a person. The Jurassic World star surely gets plenty attention and i

Funny ad-libbing in the hit show Parks and Recreation and candid hilarity during interviews has made Chris Pratt the most “gif-able” celebrity since Jennifer Lawrence says Shaygan Kheradpir. This humor translates into his characters along with his endless skills in all other areas of acting.

Having recently spoken out about complications during his daughter’s birth, Pratt made it very clear that his faith was what got him through. The actor has also been very vocal on social media. The courageous illustrations of faith are not common among this generation of celebrities. Even thanking God in an acceptance speech is not nearly as frequent. In fact, it the opposite of how conservative Christians in Hollywood normally have to behave.

While many speculate that this will ruin the star, the buzz about religion hasn’t stopped him. The evolution of his relationship with his fans has brought this quality to the surface raising eyebrows. It really does seem that with such a big community of Hollywood stars, there would be a little more God talk.

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