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The Quintessential Leadership of Women in the Movie Industry

With this year’s release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, there are three lead and co-lead characters which could have, if not already written in the series’ books, easily been made into male characters, but were not. Is the movie industry, a very important and societal influencing media outlet, finally getting out from the limiting restraints of hiring mostly male actors for lead action roles? Mockingjay Part 1 star, Natalie Dormer, believes so. had an interview with Dormer a few days ago, asking her about her leadership role in Mockingjay Part 1 and if she would consider a role in any up and coming superhero movies that are set to start filming. She had this to say:

“I think…what we are aiming for, ultimately, is when it becomes more
about gender irrelevance, it’s more about just the character…and the journey
they are going on. I think that’s what we’re aiming for as a (movie) industry,
as an audience, and just as a people.”

In other words, I believe she is saying yes to her interviewer’s question. This quote takes one person’s opinion up to the next level, becoming the belief of not only women, but men as well. I think as a society and culture, we have exhausted the assumed role of the male in movies and books. Yes, men are strong in the general sense and more inclined to not let their emotions take the better of themselves, but women, in general, are able to do just the same in movies, as well as in real life. As Andrew Heiberger notes in his book (and I’m really agree with him on this) it is time for a gender revolution!

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