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The Passion of Betsy Devos

Donald Trump has nominated Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. This is quite a huge accomplishment for her because she fought hard for education for so many years. She has worked so hard with her husband to provide resources for kids in the school system. The DeVos family has given more than a billion to education, and they are continuing to give. This is a sign of her commitment to provide quality education to kids in Michigan, and now Donald Trump is giving her the chance to make improvements in education through the United States.

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DeVos, a republican, has become a long-time advocate of school choice. She is also in favor of the voucher programs and charter schools. Betsy has been working hard for improvements in education for a very long time. She knows that kids that get a quality education are going to have a much better chance to be productive in society. This is important because there are kids that have different kids. Some children are good in art. Others may excel in math and science. There are others that have become fond of writing. There are so many areas of study for children to consider, but it takes quality educators to pull out the potential in children. As a long-time advocate of education reform Betsy DeVos has been showing people that she is passionate about making things better in the classroom.

So many people are in favor of what Betsy DeVos has been doing, but they may not have the same financial resources to do what Betsy has been doing over the years. DeVos is fully aware of that, and she has taken the time to start a foundation with her husband because they do have the resources that many other people lack. Betsy Devos has four children, and she has made sure that they all had access to a quality education when they were growing up. She didn’t stop there though. Betsy would continue to make sure that people were receiving a quality education by starting the Dick and Betsy Foundation. This is where she has been able to find a better way to improve upon resources in the school systems.

Betsy DeVos is giving people a fair choice for better education for their children, and that is why more people are going to consider her to be a good candidate for the Secretary of Education. She has the experience, and she has proven that she is good at what she is doing. She has been the Chairman of the Charter School Alliance, and she has proven her skills in leadership there. Now she has chance to make an even greater impact on education.Visit her website:

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