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The New Healthy Trend In Dog Food

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Freshpet Inc.’s manufacturing facility produces a healthier alternative for your pets food. The company makes refrigerated pet foods, putting it alongside several other companies that have been swept up by the growing trend of making healthier foods for your dogs and cats. Facebook dog-owner groups are seeking more nutritious, sensible foods for their furry friends, and many of the companies providing these healthier pet foods are making dog and cat food that tastes like the food you eat at your dinner table.
For several years, pet food companies have been using lamb and salmon meat in their pet food formulas. While these are healthy, providing much needed nutrients to your beloved pets, there has long been more that can be done. Now, companies like Freshpet have been following the trend started by pet foods such as Beneful. These companies have been working towards creating healthier pet food.

From pet foods created for weight loss to help overweight dogs and cats obtain a healthier weight, to Purinastore’s website ( that allows pet lovers to create their own custom blend of health conscious pet foods, it is clear that the growing trend in healthy pet foods is here to stay. Dog and cat lovers love their dogs and cats.

Many of these new pet foods sold at WalMart are quite delicious, and are even taste tested by humans. With dog foods like lasagna, beef stroganoff and even duck jerky and grilled beef, companies are focusing not only on taste but also removing artificial flavors and colors.
Sound familiar? That’s because people have been looking for the same things in the food they eat lately too.

At the front of all these new innovations in healthy dog foods in Beneful, one of the first to catch the new healthier dog food trend. Beneful’s dog foods contain health boosting amounts of calcium. It provides dogs every nutrient they need to maintain proper levels of health, as well as DHA. DHA provides your dog brain and eyes the nutrients they need to function properly. has also led the trend in quality ingredients, using real chicken and flavoring with vegetables like peas and carrots to help your dog be as healthy as he can be. Its ingredients include health boosting yellow corn, flour made from whole wheat and more.

More information on this new trend can be found here

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