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The lessons learned from Ted Bauman on personal financial management

Financial information is important for creating and establishing viable business ventures. Conducting research and accessing the necessary information has guided businesses to remain afloat while taking precaution in risk management. Ted Bauman has been instrumental in shaping the career paths of entrepreneurs through his publications. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2003 and has been passing financial information to people about asset protection, international migration laws, and privacy among others. Ted serves as an editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He developed the urge of helping other people access knowledge during his early years as a teenager. His passion is to see people succeed in whatever business they establish by getting the information they need easy and fast. Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. and later migrated to South Africa. Here, he undertook his university education and later graduated with postgraduate degrees in economics and history.

Ted Bauman has a strong belief in a healthy and successful social life. As such, he has helped in nurturing nonprofit organization to realize mandate. Over 25 years, he worked as a fund manager of a low-cost housing project and helped establish Slum Dwellers International. His helping hand has gone above board and changed the lives of over 14 million people in over 35 countries globally. His success story is drawn from his typical daily routine which begins early in the morning. Setting priorities right has had a lasting impact on the decision he makes and their outcomes. Ted Bauman passion of becoming a writer has been instrumental as he writes on topics concerning human interest. He educates a wide range of issue especially on the importance of protecting your personal assets.

Due to his success story, he continues to inspire people by giving keynote speeches in conferences across the world. The Total Wealth Symposium has been used to educate people from across the US on the importance of investing in viable ventures. He will be giving attendees key tips on how to survive in case of a market crash and how to protect financial assets. Currently, Ted Bauman resides with his family in Atlanta in the US.

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