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The Jurassic World Trailer Is Here

Welcome back to Jurassic Park! This might be the new theme for the upcoming Jurassic World film, a film that fans of the legendary dinosaur trilogy are definitely looking forward to.

The new trailer for Jurassic World does a little more than just welcome audiences to Jurassic Park. More accurately, they are invited to a new version of Jurassic Park, a more dangerous one.

Or, so we have been led to believe based on some of the reports that have emerged from the trade magazines and websites.

The trailer is going to be loved by both long-time fans of the movies and novels and should also draw in some new fans. Marc Sparks is one who will be checking it out. The new fans may not even have been born when the first film debuted in 1994.

The original Jurassic Park captured the classic images of those amazing giant dinosaur and reptile films of previous generations and drew in millions of fans to the theater. Considering how eternally popular these creates are, you might say they do not belong to any generation. The sense of wonder and adventure found in science-fiction films featuring dino-creatures never can lose its appeal.

The new film in the Jurassic series is one that has been kept under wraps by Universal. The film is being released during the upcoming summer of 2015, yet no one really knows many details about the plot of the film. The new trailer will reveal some of those details and not a moment too soon for fans.

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