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The Hubble telescope celebrates its 25th birthday

The Hubble telescope is celebrating its 25th birthday after being launched on April 24th 1990, NPR reports. The telescope was launched into space just a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall and continues to be the most popular and simplest way for astronomers to explore the universe. The problem scientists have with studying the stars, planets and other interplanetary objects from Earth is the fact the atmosphere on our planet makes images blurry and difficult to understand.

The telescope was launched into space and has undergone a series of repairs and upgrades over the course of its life as it is controlled from by a specialized team of NASA scientists. A faulty mirror that affected the initial images negatively was repaired early in its mission by a space shuttle crew and others have replaced cameras to provide more detailed images of the solar system. Amongst the amazing free images anybody like Jason Halpern is free to download from the Hubble Website are those of dying stars and a comet smashing into the surface of the planet Jupiter. More information can also be found on

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