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The House Passed A Stripped Down Legislation That Will Fast Track Obama’s Pacific Trade Agreement

The Bill Was Defeated The First Time It Was Heard But A Stripped Down Version Is Now Ready For Senate Approval

Democrats say the new Pacific Rim Trade Agreement looks too much like the North American Trade Agreement.(NAFTA) That agreement cost American workers more than 5 million jobs. Democrats usually back their president, but this agreement has caused some major issues within the Democratic Party. The Democratic leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, voted against fast tracking the measure, and Hillary Clinton said Pelosi knows more about the agreement than Obama. That didn’t make Obama happy, but it won’t be the last Clinton comment that will ruffle his sensitive feathers.

The agreement is called TPP. TPP will lower trade barriers and put labor protection boundaries in place. Some lawmakers believe the Asian countries are getting a better deal, but US exporters like Ford, Cisco, IBM, Caterpillar, and others think it will help their business in that part of the world.

Japan and Canada want the agreement, but opponents say the 20-year-old NAFTA deal left a bad taste in the mouths of American workers like Sergio Cortes, and this deal will do the same thing.

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