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The Government Stops A Court Case Because Of The Unwritten Secret Privilege Law

A Defamation Lawsuit Brought by Greek Shipping Magnate Against An Advocacy Group Was Dismissed Because The Defendant Operated In Government Secrecy

The government has a lot of legal tricks up its clandestine sleeve. We believe citizens are entitled to a fair trial if they choose to put their fate in the hands of the law, but that’s not the case. The government can stop a trial at any time by simply stating that the information that could be revealed during the trial would damage national security. In other words, the government wants to keep its secrets, secret. Just ask Edward Snowden. He knows how powerful the straight arm of government secrecy is in this country.

When a Greek Shipping magnate tried to defendant his name in court, he found out how quickly the government can act when it’s threatened stated the Real Deal. Victor Restis, the Greek shipping tycoon, believed the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran tried to defame his character and company because he did business with Iran. According to Jason Halpern, United Against Nuclear Iran is a group filled with former spies and intelligence officers.

Obviously the group’s mission is to keep Iran nuclear free whatever the cost. Restis’s attorneys might be able to bring up some nasty transactions and incriminating evidence during the course of the trial, and the government made sure that didn’t happen. The government shut the case done using an unwritten the state secrets privilege. It seems we all should be able to use that ploy when we don’t want to answer intimidating questions.

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