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The Flavorful Evolution of Smooth Lips

For many years, chapped lip sufferers had very few options for treating their frustrating condition. Supermarkets and drug stores offered very few brands of lip balm that were effective, none of which provided an appealing taste or flavor. Most were waxy, thick, and virtually tasteless. Consumers were left lacking, and trudged along dealing with a poor solution to a very common lip problem. Go to this cool similar website,

The days of boring lip care ended when EOS lip balms hit the personal care market seven years ago. EOS is the abbreviation for ‘Evolution of Smooth’, the company’s full name. Their pastel-colored orbs of deliciously flavored lip balm were the answer to our parched lips prayers. Consisting of shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil, they are 95 percent organic, as well as gluten-free and paraben-free. There are 10 different flavors available, some that also provide a lightly colored tint, click to read review. Below are just a few choices to keep your lips soft, smooth and delightfully flavored.


SUMMER FRUIT (RED) – All-Natural lip balm that moisturizes and protects, with the luscious flavors of strawberry, blueberry, and peach. Perfect for sun-kissed summertime!


HONEYSUCKLE HONEYDEW (GREEN) – Keeps lips soft and smooth all day long with the irresistible fresh flavor of honeydew melon. The perfect balance of flavor and moisture!


BLUEBERRY ACAI (BLUE) – Gives lips a healthy antioxidant boost of organic goodness, with the refreshing flavor of blueberry and ripe acai fruit. Sweet and luscious!


COCONUT MILK (PINK AND WHITE SWIRL) – Nourish dry, rough lips with the healing emollients of organic coconut oil, and enjoy the creamy, delicious, tropical flavor.


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