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The Development of Organo Gold

Coffee is a growing industry that is currently growing at an exponential rate. With the coffee industry growing at an all time high, new businesses are creating new and innovative ways to create a delicious cup of coffee that is also healthy. One business in particular is called Organo Gold. This company was founded by Bernardo Chua with the intent of improving and educating the lives of individuals who otherwise live in impoverished countries. Mr. Chua truly believes on Facebook that he can improve the world with just one cup of his product.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who has extensive knowledge of the multilevel marketing industry as shown on Wikipedia. Organo Gold is a company that was created around a secret ingredient that Mr. Chua discovered that could help improve the lives around the world. This secret ingredient is known as Ganoderma and has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years.  In fact, this is the secret to why Bernardo Chua has been so well awarded throughout his career.

There are many health benefits to consuming Ganoderma which include:

1.) Weight loss

Though Ganoderma will not lead to extreme weight loss, this product will have the health benefits of improving the body system which will in turn lead to weight loss. The weight loss will happen just by sipping on Organo Gold products. Due to the fact that the body requires oxygen to burn fuel, the more Ganoderma that is consumed, the most oxygen is received in the body, and the higher the metabolism will be. A higher metabolism translates into more weight loss.

2.) Improves serious health conditions

Ganoderma has other benefits including reducing the risk of cirrhosis in the liver, curing bronchitis and yeast infections, reducing high blood pressure, and above all, reducing stress. As stress as been proven to cause many health issues, Bernardo Chua, with his product, as created a new remedy for relieving stress as well as a product for energizing.  Something Bernie is super proud of on Twitter.

The Ganoderma fungus, with the help of Organo Gold, has been transformed from a wood-like mushroom, to a fine powder through a natural process. This powder is then combined with Organo Gold products such as hot cocoa, tea, and coffee. Consumers love both the taste as well as the many health benefits that coincide with consuming this drink.

Organo Gold is a growing company that is consumed by millions. Within the last few years, Organo Gold has already expanded to be incorporated in 35 different countries around the world. Organo Gold is a company that has opened its doors to anyone regardless of credentials. The only requirement that is needed to become a part of the Organo Gold team is to love the product that is being sold. With that in mind, anyone can receive both education as well as work on their own time.

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