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The brainchild of Innovation: Marc Sparks

With a motto of consistency and a never dying attitude, Marc Sparks has been able to create ripples in the business world with his sheer talent in terms of creativity and innovation. Having started dozens of companies in his brief career, Marc has helped paved the way for success for himself and others like him. Mark attributes his entrepreneurial success to the hard work of his team and the people around him. Marc explains his mantra as a combination of faith, passion, tenacity, focus and savvy of monetization and outrageous sense of urgency called the “spark speed”.

Marc has made some crucial capital investments over the years in the form of companies like Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom LLC, and Cobalt Real Estate Services. As a venture capitalist, Marc along with his company Timber Creek Capital helped in the startup of these companies to the positions they are in today. His startup in the form of Timber Creek Capital has been helping up and coming new entrepreneurs turn their businesses into success.

Timber Creek Capital specializes in venture capital, providing start-up funds for a variety of different companies which Marc chooses to be a part of helping through the planning, and strategy of the ideas into a formidable base. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Marc’s firm provides the necessary capital, office space, equipment, customer service expertise, merchant banking, networking, banking and a whole range of different services to start-ups.

Marc Sparks also came up with Marketing Sparks through his advertising agencies called Mar USA in the year 2014. This new program aims start-up entrepreneurs to work with marketing experts to develop business ideas that will help maximize their chances of success. For the success of the initiative, Marc himself has hired a diverse pool of experts in strategy, public relations, research, digital and media from his agencies as well as other local businesses to help out start-ups in the Pittsburg area.

Marc is as giving to the community as he is passionate about business being the benefactor and supporter of various initiatives like “Habitat for Humanity” which has been constructing affordable housing for families around the states. Other Philanthropic initiatives of his includes donating of computers to more than 1000 at risk kids at Sparkey’s kids and also the Samaritan which he has been involved since the late 80’s. Marc has also ventured into the writing lark with his book titled “They Can’t Eat You” where he has penned down his own 35 years of entrepreneurial experience.

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