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The Best of Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Eating popcorn is not just an enjoyable activity for Hudson, but a practical one, too, as she regularly does so during interviews. At a recent meeting with Elle Magazine to discuss the brand’s Facebook presence and Hudson’s regular athleticism, the blonde-haired beauty queen with unrelenting charm not only ate her side dish, but provided the dish on what people really need to know about Fabletics. Read more at

It Is Affordable

Virtually no one has the money to buy a pair of pants for $100. In fact, one of Kate’s biggest pet peeves is shopping only to find expensive products of decent quality, but having it not be versatile. “I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in,” stated the Glee dancer, but it was virtually impossible until Fabletics and all of its athleisure wear glory came to be. With this brand, you can complete an entire closet that is full of multifunctional pieces for less than $100. What is not to love about that?

It Is Inspirational

Between bites of popcorn, Kate made it a point to state that getting motivated to exercise is pretty hard and that, on occasion, she needs a little kickstart from her trainer to get up and moving. Most of this stems from not having quality gear that doubles as an attractive outfit to workout in. The funky patterns and full support offered by Fabletics inspires women to get active by improving the way that they view themselves. Essentially, if you feel good, you will strive to be even better!

It Brings You Wherever You Want to Go

Whether you fancy a day on the treadmill or a day of catching some waves at the beach, Fabletics takes you wherever you want to go, and in style, to boot. Swimsuits equipped with cross backs and built-in bras offer necessary support, while tempered fabrics guarantee that you will not slip from too much sweat build up. Fabletics has thought of everything, and they could not have picked a better face for the company!

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